The adventure continues. The Highlander is BACK

!!! Spoilers !!!

Released in they year 2000 and directed by Doug Aarnikoski, Highlander: Endgame is the fourth movie in the Highlander franchise. Just as before, Christopher Lambert returned to play the character of Connor MacLeod, the immortal highlander, but the lead character of the film is the immortal Duncan MacLeod, played by Adrian Paul. Duncan MacLeod´s presence is due to this film being not just a part of the Highlander cinematic universe; it is also tied to the two television series in the Highlander franchise: Highlander: The Series (1992-1998) and Highlander: The Raven (1998-1999).

In Highlander: Endgame, the two clansmen needs to team-up to fight a powerful immortal named Jacob Kell, who is willing to break any rule to win the Prize.


Short facts about Highlander: Endgame

  • Release: 1 September, 2000
  • Director: Doug Aarniokoski
  • Starring: Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Bruce Payne, Lisa Barbuscia, Donnie Yen, Damon Dash, Sheila Gish
  • Length: 87 minutes
  • Language: English, French, Gaelic
  • Country: USA
  • Based on: The Highlander concept and characters by Gregory Widen
  • Screenplay: Joel Soisson
  • Story: Eric Bernt, Gillian Horvath, William N. Panzer
  • Producers: Peter S. Davis, William N. Panzer
  • Production companies: Davis-Panzer Productions, Dimension Films
  • Cinematography: Douglas Milsome
  • Editing: Chris Blunden, Rod Dean, Robert A. Ferretti, Tracy Granger, Michael N. Knue, Donald Paonessa
  • Distributor: Miramax Films
  • Budget: $25 million
  • Box office: $15.8 million



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The plot

16th century Scotland

In 1555 AD, Connor MacLeod returns to his former home in Glennfinnan, Scotland where his mother has been accused of witchcraft by the village priest Jacob Kell. Kell executes MacLeod, which prompts an enraged MacLeod to kill Kell and Kell´s adoptive father (the priest Father Rainey), and set Glenfinnan ablaze before leaving with his mother´s corpse.

endgame scene

After the death of Father Rainey

After being killed by MacLeod, Jacob Kell comes back to life as an immortal and vows to avenge his father. During the following centuries, Kell´s mission is to kill everyone MacLeod cares about. He does not follow the traditional rules of the immortals and quickly amasses a following of weaker immortals.

Sometime after the 1985 events in the 1986 Highlander movie, Kell brings about the death of Connor´s adopted daughter Rachel Ellenstein in an explosion in New York City.

The Sanctuary

Grief-stricken by the death of Ellenstein, MacLeod moves into The Sanctuary, a place where immortals stay under the supervision of a sub-group of Watchers to prevent The Prize from being won.

A decade after the death of Ellenstein, Kell and his followers attack The Sanctuary. MacLeod is believed to have been once of the murder victims. However, his immortal clansman Duncan MacLeod experiences a vision of the carnage and starts investigating what´s happened to his friend.

Simultaneously, the Watcher supervising the sanctuary, a man named Matthew Hale, decides that they can not rely on immortals entering The Sanctuary of their own free will.

Duncan´s investigation

Duncan MacLeod seeks out the ancient immortal Methos, who tells him about the sanctuary. Duncan goes to Connor MacLeod´s loft in New York City, the place where Ellenstein was killed. There, he senses the presence of another immortal and finds Kate, whom he married 200 years earlier, and stabbed on their wedding night to make her an immortal. She now goes by the name Faith.

Kell´s henchmen come to the loft and attack Duncan as a group. The fighting stops as Kell himself arrives, but an immortal called Carlos then shoots Duncan who falls on a spike and loses consciousness. Furious, Kell beheads Carlos. During the resulting quickening, Duncan is taken away in a van. Duncan has been taken by a subgroup of Watchers who want to keep him in The Sanctuary against his will.

Duncan is saved

Methos and the Watcher Joe Dawson successful save Duncan., and warns him about how powerful Kell has become through his many killings of immortals. It is also revealed that Kell elected to not kill Connor at The Sanctuary; he kept him alive in order to continue torturing him. As a part of this torture, Kell wants to behead Duncan.

Kate / Faith

Duncan confronts Faith (Kate ) about her association with Kell, and she tells him she hates not being able to have children, age and die. She believes Kell understands her pain.

Faith later visits Duncan in his hotel room and they have sex. Duncan apologizes for having killed her and made her an immortal, and lets her know he will wait for her to forgive him even if it takes centuries.

Last Supper

Kell beheads immortal followers to grow even stronger before his fight with Duncan.


Connor seeks out Duncan and convinces him that in order to be strong enough to kill Kell, Duncan must first behead Connor and absorb his quickening energy and powers. A reluctant Duncan agrees and beheads his friend.

Final battle

Duncan and Kell engage in their final battle. When Kell is just about to kill Duncan, Connor´s spirit assumes control and provides extra strength. Kell is decapitated, and Duncan becomes the most powerful immortal.


Duncan buries Connor in Scotland, next to Connor´s first wife Heather and mentor Ramírez.

Producer’s Cut

In the Producer’s Cut, the film ends with Duncan´s wife seeking him out in Scotland to let him know that her Faith persona is gone – she is now Kate again. The two kiss, suggesting that they will get back together again.